zooming in on the mac

At my JavaOne Session on mutation testing, I needed to show both code and “other materials” to a large room on the Mac.

In Eclipse

Increasing the font size for the editor pane in Eclipse is easy. Cmd = makes the code bigger and Cmd – makes the code smaller.


I also needed to show the problems view and the report. For this, I used the magnifying glass.

The initial set up was

  • Settings
  • Accessibility
  • Zoom
  • Check “Use Scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom. I had mine set to control for the modifier, but you can change this.

Then I could zoom in on anything by holding control and moving two fingers away from me (up) on the trackpad.

To get rid of the magnifier is also easy; just hold control and two finger scroll down.

After The Server Side Java Symposium – live blog index

Wondering what happened at the The Server Side Java Symposium.  Scott and I live blogged a lot this week.  Since we wrote so much more than normal, this post serves as an index/table of contents to what we wrote up.  We had a blast and hope you’ve enjoyed reading along with us.

Also if anyone has a picture of the Coderanch moderators on stage with Gosling, we’d love to get an electronic copy.

You can see the full conference agenda online.  For a limited time, The Server Side is also making all presentation slides available.




Wow.  I typed 6670 words on the iPad while live blogging.  (not counting Scott’s).  Minus the session I borrowed Scott’s keyboard plus a lot of e-mail/twitter.  I think I’m comfortable touch typing on the built in keyboard now.  Not as accurate as I’d like, but comfortable.

Welcome to TheServerSide Java Symposium 2011!

I'm Speaking at TheServerSide Java Symposium Jeanne and I are both be presenting talks at TheServerSide Java Symposium this week in sunny Las Vegas! Come join us and feel free to say hello.

I’m giving a lecture Wednesday morning entitled “GWT Roundup: An Overview of Google’s Web Toolkit and Hybrid Integration” which provides a review of GWT for old and new GWT developers alike. I will also be speaking as part of a panel hosted by Cameron McKenzie on Friday afternoon called “Client Side Development Smackdown” .

Jeanne’s giving a talk on Friday afternoon called “Throw Away All The Rules. Now What Process Do You Follow?” and is about what processes are important if you aren’t being forced to follow any. It uses the CodeRanch forum conversion project as an example.