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  3. Hi,
    I want to take the Java se 11 1Z0-815 certification but I need a book 🙂 (your book). When are you releasing it?

  4. Hi,
    I need a book to update my knowledge about Java (from Java 8 to Java 11).
    Could your next books about 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 help me?
    I did both exams about Java 8 (1Z0-808 and 1Z0-809), so it is enough to take the exam 1Z0-817, isn’t it?

    Then, I need a book about the exam Java EE-Web development (1Z0-900). I haven’t certification about this argument. Will you publish a book about it? If yes, when? If not, can you suggest me a book or mocks about this certification?

    Thanks a lot!


  5. Books for the 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 are good for learning about Java 9, 10 and 11. In the meantime, I’ve spoken about those topics. You can see the decks at speakerdeck.com/boyarsky. And yes, you can take the upgrade exam.

    We have no plans to write about the 1Z0-900. That exam is called the application developer, not the web developer. You cna sett eh reading materials and FAQ in the CodeRanch forum for that exam: https://coderanch.com/f/25/java-developer-OCMJD

  6. Thanks Jeanne!
    I’m new to Java. I’d like only to become Java Programmer, but in Italy there are job offers with a LOT of languages and software to know (Spring, Java EE, Java SE, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Oracle Database and MySql).
    I asked to you the question about 1Z0-900, because it is very difficult to find exam guides about Java EE. I will follow your suggestion.
    In this moment, I’m preparing two exams: 1Z0-071 (OCA-Oracle Database) and 1Z0-900 (Java EE- Web Development). For the first I have all materials, but for the second is very hard.
    To upgrade my knowledge about Java (from 8 to 11), I will wait for the release of your two books.



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