Eek wordpress – from the server side java symposium

Switching to the web interface over the iPad app for live blogging. I’m a bit annoyed the word press iPad app lost my post because I started a second draft. I also noticed the app posted my blog entry twice. While researching this, I learned of other even worse problems.  Using the web interface exclusively now.

Update: turns out word press doesn’t scroll properly in the browser  on iPad. I’m now up to blogging in notes and copy/pasting it in

Update: added the 99 cent HTML editor so I can get to the <> keys more easily and add some formatting as I write

Update: the HTML editor I tried doesn’t wrap text. There is probably a better editor, but I don’t have time to find it during a conference so I am back to Notes.

Update: i finally found out how to scroll in safari. Two fingers in the textarea and drag. Now trying to blog in the wordpress browser ui again.  Stayed with this for the rest of the conference

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