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Java OCA/OCP 8 Programmer Practice Tests


Scott Selikoff and Jeanne Boyarsky are pleased to announce that we have been approached by Wiley Publishing to create a brand new book of practice exam questions for the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) and Oracle Certified Professional (OCP), Java SE 8 Programmer, exams. The new book, OCA / OCP Java SE 8 Programmer Practice Tests, serves as a worthwhile addition to our existing OCA 8 and OCP 8 book lineup, for those who have read the material thoroughly, but desire additional help practicing for the exams.

The book will be divided into two parts, one half for the OCA 8 exam and the other half for the OCP 8 exam, with each chapter corresponding to a different set of Oracle objectives. The new book will include over 1,000+ hand-crafted and peer reviewed practice questions, including two full mock exams. With our two Study Guides and now our new Practice Test book, we are confident our readers will have everything they need to pass both exams! Oh, and if you haven’t purchased either of our Study Guides but are interested in taking the exams, Wiley has released a boxed set OCA / OCP Certification Kit, due in large part to how the book was been received by our readers.

You can pre-order the book now, and we expect to begin shipping around March 2017. We will continue to update this page as we get closer to our launch date so stay tuned!

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