Gossling at the server side java symposium

So apparently the wordpress iPad app only let’s you have one blog post In draft form at the same time and i lost what I wrote earlier. Rewrote this from memory


The language

  • wishes more language enhancements got into java 7
  • amazed how many people got stuck at gave 1.4

The Cloud

  • plugged netbeans and glass fish even though doesn’t have to anymore
  • A redeploy of amazon takes a few minutes because restarting clean. “by contrast” netbeans only takes a few seconds [netbeans is local]
  • amazon cloud expensive for baseline use. Suggesting having internal cloud on Eycalptus and using amazon for spillover

The Web

  • Is a social experiment. Which is not about tech

Other things

  • Hudson is now Jennings and owned by Cloudbees
  • Ended with a shout out to the coderanch community being participatory
  • I had never see Gosling speak live, he has a good stage presence

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