java in flux – the server side java symposium

Oh look.  The ten line Oracle disclaimer is back.  At least this talk contains some forward looking statements where it makes sense to have the disclaimer.

Oracle recognizes they have issues with communicating late/poorly.  They have a culture of saying little and sticking to it.  Whereas Sun had more dialog.  They acknowledge it; will be interesting to see what happens.


Want to keep Java vibrant to keep making money.  Said will continue move to Open JDK.  Moving JRockit features to OpenJDK.

Other topics

  • Looking at support for multiple cores at the CPU level.  Think parallel collections and lambda/closures will be good candidates for paralleilization
  • Let ideas mature in more experimental languages
  • Reiterated pledge to backward compatibility
  • Covered what’s new in Java 7 at a high level – most I had heard before – the more lightweight garbage collector was new to me
  • Java 8 – more modularization, project lambda(closures), annotations on Java types and more small language enhancements
  • Java 9 – really speculative – forces on platform independence with hardware virtualization, better interoperatibility with non Java languages, improved data integration, improved device support
  • Looking to expand Java FX [surprised]


  • Want JEE 7 done before Java 8 comes out which is end of 2012
  • Looking at what can do for modularity in JEE 7 before “real” modularity comes out in Java 8
  • Compared Java to .NET.Azure including areas like Cloud and multiple language support where Microsoft doing better
  • Covered the problems it was designed to solve and how it got so big that it isn’t simple anymore. Going back to POJOs, dependency injection. [again making it sound like this stuff just sprung up from developer complaints]
  • Showed timeline from 1998 and J2EE 1.2.
  • Recognized innovation is occurring on the outside and the platform stewards/Oracle need to reuse that to avoid becoming irrelevant
  • Customers win when there is interoperability and vendor choice
  • Companies want to build internal clouds – solutions starting to be built on Java Also noted cloud gives new JEE roles of data center and tenant roles. (in addition to things like deployer) In addition, noted the existing JEE APIs need to become tenant aware. Such as how to discriminate within a table what rows are associated with what tenant in a JPA entity. Maybe in JEE 8

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