[devnexus 2024] More tales from the Dark Side: How AI is the bad guys new friend[devnexus 2024] dark tales ai

Speaker: Stevel Poole


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  • Supply chain
  • Now we are all attack vectores


  • We also use wifi
  • How many use VPN?
  • Easy to spoof wifi
  • Only need battery, raspberry pi and a few more things
  • Would you notice a box on the wall?


  • Plug in Mac laptop charger at conference
  • If leave unattended, someone could add hardware
  • Any USB has problem
  • USB data cable and power cable look same

Hotel rooms

  • Hidden camera
  • In some countries during cold war, used human cherography to influence where sit
  • Becoming more common
  • More people are pass thru to company now


  • Getting better
  • More targetting. Can know how company does things. Or knowing boss;’ namePhishing -> Spear Phishing -> Personalized Attacks
  • Moving towards more organized and long term attacks

Adding AI

Bad things can do

  • Deepfake nude generator
  • Deepfake phishing grew by three thousand percent in 2023

Why now

  • Not hard to do a reasonable fake. USB acceleration is sixty bucks
  • Huggingface.co has lots of models
  • Models and data avaialble to you and bad guys

Other problems

How Protect

  • Paper on identifying mouth inconsistencies for lip synching
  • Text/numbers wrong
  • Find anomalies from lack of training data – this is going to be an arms race. Once AI knows wrong, can do better next time.
  • Be more suspicious
  • Secure supply chain – all the pieces involved in creating and delivering software
  • Control AI tools in process
  • Look at where models came from and decide if safe. Will have to prove where got it from
  • Consider how train AI and when retrain it
  • Government wants a SBOM, automated supply chain, evidence of software integrity and regular aduit
  • SBOM (software bill of materials) don’t find malicious code but ensure you know what have

My take

Demos were great. Security has changed a lot. Good emphasis on depending on how much money you spend at it. It’s scary, but supposed to be. Need to think about what else I can do in my own life.

Someone challenged saying the grandparent scam sounds fake and nothing like the person. Steve didn’t get to reply, but it’s not a fare analogy. The grandparent same isn’t targeting (at least not much). Some targeting you specifically will have audio/bideo of you to base it off of. And then we are back to the 7 seconds is enough.

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