[devnexus 2024] breaking ai: live coding and hacking apps wih generative ai

Speaker: Micah Silverman

For more, see the 2024 DevNexus Blog Table of Contents


  • AI is not a silver bullet
  • Treat AI like a junior dev and verify everything produced
  • New iteration of copy/paste. More code that got from Stack Overflow
  • We don’t do thorough code reviews of libary code. Loo at security, number commiers, when last release
  • Different because our name now on commit
  • More challenging to maintain visiblity
  • Backlog ever growing

Common use in Dev

  • Addig coents
  • Summarizing code
  • Writing Readme
  • Refactorin code
  • Providing templates
  • Pair programming
  • Generating code (the new stack overflow)


  • 92% software dev using AI in some form
  • Those who use AI are 57% faster
  • Those who use AI are 27% more likely to complete task
  • 40% of co pilot generated code conains vulnrabiliies. Same stat without AI s o this is what we trained it on
  • Those using AI wrote less secure code but believed ore secure. We trust AI too much. Junior devs get more scrutinity than senior devs
  • [Some of these stats aren’t austation. Ex: early adopters]

Using AI well

  • Good starting point
  • Don’t use without review


  • Hallucinations – including supporting “evidence” even where wrong. Gave addition example
  • ChatGPT got worse in math over a few months. 98% to 2%. Now some math specific AIs
  • ”ChatGPT is confidentally wrong” – Eelko de Vos
  • First defamation lawsuit – ChatGPT made up case law
  • AI doesn’t know when wrong

AI and Code

  • Asked for Express app taking name as a request parameter. Tried a bunch of times and name parameter never sanizitzed so cross site scripting vulnerabilities. Ideally wouldn’t auto generate vulnerabilities
  • Can give bad advice – asked if code was safe from NoSQL inection. GPT and Bard said safe. Was not safe.
  • Samsung put all code in ChatGPT and leaked code, keys, trade secrets. Became part of training data. ChatGPT says got better about dealing with secrets.
  • Terms of services of ChatGPT say can use anything as training data

Sample Conference App

  • Using CoPilot
  • Spring Boot app in IntellIJ

Basic example

  • Gave co-pilot comments/prompts to create code
  • Showed generating code to read a file that doesn’t exist due to a typo

JPA SQL injection example

  • Showed not the most common way to write JPA here in 2024; usually don’t need direct query
  • Showed copilot offers prompt to get result
  • Tried adding to prompt to protect against SQL injection. Got a naive regex sanitizer
  • Then tried requesting named parameters in the query. After that did promps for setting parameter and getting result. All was well.


  • Tried getting file then wih a file separator
  • Successfully got constant defined in file so some context sensitivity. But ignored file separator reques fro propt
  • Then requesting saving the file and successfully geerated code to write it
  • Requested getting a person and successfully called already written getPerson() method
  • Then set image name
  • Co pilot offered to write prompt to save person.
  • Then requested adding the message and added attribute to model
  • However, has path traversal issue
  • Showed BurpSuite monitoring as run example. “Send to repeater” keeps cookies and such while letting alter request.
  • Changed file name to ../image/snyklogo.png”. If works will replace logo with uploaded pic
  • Showed Synk IDE extension which also note path traversal issue
  • Tried asking to sanitize input against path traversal an got check for two dots. Not good enough but a first pass
  • Tried asking for whitelist to protect against directory traeversal. Checked directory name prefix which is better but also not a whitelist
  • Then tried requesting to validae that there is not a path traversal using the normalize method. Did what requested including the prefix check from previous prompt but Micah noted that’s what did in the past

What can do

  • Use tool to scan code and tell when makes mistake
  • Learn. Ex Snyk has a lesson on prompt injection. – Getting AI to tell info it shouldn’t


  • Currently have Math aware AIs. Maybe will have security aware AI in future

My take

Good mix of background and live code. I like that Micah didn’t assume security knowlege while keeping it engaging for people who are familiar. I had never seen BurpSuite so that was a happy bonus in the demo.

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