New Zoom self-selecting breakout rooms

I live the new Zoom feature to be able to switch between breakout rooms. You have to be on the latest zoom and the feature has to be enabled for your meeting.

After clicking breakout rooms at the bottom, you see the choices along with who is in each room. The trick is mousing over the number. If I mouse over “5”, it turns into the word join.

You can join a breakout from either the main room or another breakout. And you can always go back to the main room by clicking “leave breakout room.”

This is far better than my hack of joining as my computer, iPad and iPhone and switching physical devices. It also lets the team know which session I am actually paying attention too!

zooming in on the mac

At my JavaOne Session on mutation testing, I needed to show both code and “other materials” to a large room on the Mac.

In Eclipse

Increasing the font size for the editor pane in Eclipse is easy. Cmd = makes the code bigger and Cmd – makes the code smaller.


I also needed to show the problems view and the report. For this, I used the magnifying glass.

The initial set up was

  • Settings
  • Accessibility
  • Zoom
  • Check “Use Scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom. I had mine set to control for the modifier, but you can change this.

Then I could zoom in on anything by holding control and moving two fingers away from me (up) on the trackpad.

To get rid of the magnifier is also easy; just hold control and two finger scroll down.