[devnexus 2024] moving java forward together

Speaker: Sharat Chander


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  • Began with a survey of how long people have been using Java. A lot of people at 25+ years and a small bunch for all 29 years! (Java turns 30 next year)
  • Tech we have now used to be impossible – ex: phone
  • Sci fi shows what possible
  • Trap : “move fast and break things” At a point, speed causes harm. Remember the user experience
  • If long out window on train, goes by too fast. But if look farher out, can see. Need to look beyond that window
  • People first. Technology second. Remember the users.
  • Avoid “get shit done”. Innovation in of itsel is not innovating. What purpose if not helpfu
  • What power do you have in your environment. One person can do a lot.
  • Need to prepare next generation befoe age out


  • “Move thoughtfully and build things” – Sharat’s dad. Meants to be careful and thing before break
  • ”You know less than you know” – Sharat’s dad. Recognize learning opportunities
  • ”Mastery is not the destination; only be the beginning” Sean Phillips

Java DevRel Team at Oracle

  • Stewards of Java
  • Learn, share, contribute
  • Foundational Programs – Oracle academy, Oracle university, Open JDK, Java User Groups, Java Champions
  • 10-20% of audience raised hand as not being part of a JUG (Java User Group)
  • New/Digital program – inside.java, dev.java, youtube.com/java


  • Called up latest Java Champion
  • Pratik and Atlanta JUG for lifetyime achievement award. 20 years of DevNexus!

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