Revolutionary developer – the server side java symposium finale

Cameron summarized the conference. He referenced high points like the coderanch bananas. He also reminded of more important thinks like the new JVM languages being for things Java doesn’t handle well like parallelizing large collections. He also reminded of Gosling’s nice tangents. and javaranch is a media partner. Cool being listed with real companies.

The picture in this post made one of these slides – me holding inflatable bananas.  Cameron referenced my comment that a small thing you can do in democracy is vote once and complain to your neighbor, but what can you do for the JCP.

He also referenced Ben Evans comment that symposium involves drinking so going to the bar last night was ok :).

Brakes allow you to move forward faster so you slow down to regroup and go faster in the future.

Active people have their opinions count proportionally more than others.

Things have ramifications. Facebook and privacy. Nice story about how technology prevents certain people from entering a casino.

to The Server Side organizers: thank you for having the coderanch moderators at your conference. It was a great one and I appreciate having had the opportunity to speak! And blog about it!

The point being that we do participate that way and that’s how we contribute to making things better.

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