TSS Symposium Preview – Throw Away All The Rules. Now What Process Do You Follow?

I'm Speaking at TheServerSide Java Symposium As previously mentioned, Scott and I are both be presenting talks at TheServerSide Java Symposium in March. In preparation for the conference, we are providing sneak peaks of talks this week on the blog.  Scott gave a sneak preview of his GWT lecture.  He has so much information it didn’t all fit in his slides!

I’m giving a talk titled Throw Away All The Rules. Now What Process Do You Follow?” Here are just a few points from my upcoming conference talk:

  1. Testing – for anyone who knows me it isn’t a surprise that I consider regression critical.  But it isn’t always easy to get started.  And yet, the pain of not having it is large.  See how a testing strategy can evolve.
  2. Deployment – a repeatable deployment sounds like a corporate bureaucratic thing.  Yet knowing what is in production and how to get there quickly is an agile concept.
  3. Leader – Note I said leader and not project manager.  Even if you don’t have a project manager, someone needs to be running the show.  Or in the case of Scrum – the team is the leader.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peak of my conference talk.  For more, consider coming to my session at the conference. If you register with the coderanch discount code, you can save $200.

See you in San Francisco!

I’ll be away this week from June 1-5 attending the Sun JavaOne Conference in beautiful San Francisco. I plan to expand my knowledge of advanced J2EE/SOA topics as well as pick up some introductory courses on new technologies. If you want to meet up to discuss any of my recent articles, the conference, or how cold San Francisco seems to be this time of year, drop me an e-mail!

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