After The Server Side Java Symposium – live blog index

Wondering what happened at the The Server Side Java Symposium.  Scott and I live blogged a lot this week.  Since we wrote so much more than normal, this post serves as an index/table of contents to what we wrote up.  We had a blast and hope you’ve enjoyed reading along with us.

Also if anyone has a picture of the Coderanch moderators on stage with Gosling, we’d love to get an electronic copy.

You can see the full conference agenda online.  For a limited time, The Server Side is also making all presentation slides available.




Wow.  I typed 6670 words on the iPad while live blogging.  (not counting Scott’s).  Minus the session I borrowed Scott’s keyboard plus a lot of e-mail/twitter.  I think I’m comfortable touch typing on the built in keyboard now.  Not as accurate as I’d like, but comfortable.