Converting PowerPoint to eps

A few months ago, I blogged about editing eps file on a Mac without an expensive tool. I only did it a couple times and fell back to “Scott edits eps files.” I’m now writing a new chapter which means I don’t have to deal with existing images. Scott offered to convert my image files to eps. (The publisher did it for our Java 8 books.) I wanted to see if I could to it myself. I feel bad using him as my “eps file service.”

With a bit of Googling, I learned that InkScape has a command line that can convert. I also learned that it is a pain to set up, but instructions are online.

Before doing an operation described as a “pain” and that looks like a lot of stops, I decided to try the UI.

  1. In PowerPoint, save as and choose PDF
  2. Open Inkscape
  3. Open > choose the PDF
  4. Changed precision field from ‘rough” to “very fine”
  5. Click ok
  6. Wait a few minutes (The InkScape window “disappeared” during this step.)
  7. Get Window back: Right click XQuartz > Options > Desktop on Display 2
  8. File > Save as
  9. Choose eps as file type
  10. Choose all defaults

Well, I’m glad I didn’t fiddle with the command line. The eps file has a shaded background behind all my arrows.

Take two

  1. In PowerPoint, save as and choose pnd
  2. Open Inkscape
  3. Open > choose the png
  4. Changed image rendering mode to “smooth”
  5. Click ok
  6. File > Save as
  7. Choose eps as file type
  8. Choose all defaults

Same problem. The eps file has a shaded background. The pdf and png did not.

Oh well. If I can’t figure this out, I guess I’m back to Scott as eps exporter.

Upgrading from SCJP 5 (or earlier) to OCP 11

I got this question in a comment to a blog post and decided to answer in blog form.

I have SCJP Java 5 from 2005, now preparing to 1Z0–813 using your book
My goal is to get Java 11 cert eventually

Per the Oracle FAQ, you cannot use the 1Z0-817 upgrade exam to upgrade from an exam Java 5 or earlier straight to the OCP 11. If your goal is OCP 11, there are a few options on how to get there. Each comes with pros and cons.

Exam sequenceCerts obtainedBenefits of ApproachCons of Approach
1Z0-808 (OCA 8)
1Z0-816 (OCP 11 part 2)
OCP 11
– easier first exam– second exam will feel harder because missed part 1
1Z0-815 (OCP 11 part 1)
1Z0-816 (OCP 11 part 2)
OCP 11– traditional path
– exams go together
– requires taking OCP 11 exam sooner (before study materials are available; so far Enthuware is the only provider with Java 11 part 1 materials)
1Z0-808 (OCA 8)
1Z0-809 (OCP 8)
1Z)-817 (OCP 11 upgrade)
OCP 11
– get a professional level cert sooner– costs more
– have to take an extra exam
1ZO-813 (OCP 8 upgrade)
1Z0-817 (OCP 11 upgrade)
OCP 11
– get a professional level cert after first exam– the hardest option because upgrade exams tend to be the toughest and this approach has two