DevNexus 2022 Live Blog Table of Contents

DevNexus is back in person! This is my second in person event since COVID. ”code with soul” logo and ”welcome back to conferences” on signage

COVID handling

Vaccines (or tests) are required. In theory, masks are required in rooms but not in the hallways. Looking around they keynote, I think less than 10% are wearing masks. Had about 2400 people in person last time it was live and about half that this year. Sessions kept the doors open. Good for air. Bad for noise (some session rooms are right off the exhibit hall)


  • I got here right after lunch and spent two hours at the JUG Leader summit. I didn’t take notes, but I got the updates from Oracle (remember JavaOne is back in person in Vegas this year!). We also had some good unconference sessions. They used the fishbowl format where three people sat in chairs with an empty chair. To speak, you take an empty chair and someone has to get up



Live blog kcdc table of contents

My first post pandemic real life in person conference. So excited. I’ll be live blogging as I attend sessons from here. They said attenendance is about half of what it was pre-COVID. (They had about 1000 people.) I like that they had stickers with whether you felt comfortable with a handshake, fist bump or waving.





My live coding experiment