[2021 kcdc] who got dna in my code – intro to genetic algorithms

This post is my live blog from KCDC. For more, see the 2021 KCDC live blog TOC

Speaker: Randall Koutnik

Twitter @rkoutnik


Genetic Algorithm

  • Machine learning
  • Represent problem as an array of things
  • Create a weighting to represent the problem as a number
  • Showed scale of evolving solutions and when processing exceeds laptop processing capacity
  • Keep changing best on best one until that point
  • Fiinite state machines – also like an array of booleans representing choices. Generate possibilities and see which one works. Use fitness function to see which are most successful
  • Get jitter in high score as average goes up because randomness
  • Determine if need perfect answer vs good enough answer


  • Generating counterfeit art
  • Eater game demo where they learn to eat plants
  • Calcu-lords game to determin which cards are best

My take

I learned what a genetic algorithm is And was nice to see some code. The examples were al fun. Hard to take notes on but I enoyed the presentation.

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