Scott and I currently have the #1 Oracle cert book on Amazon

Scott and I currently have the #1 Oracle cert book on Amazon and the #20 Java book overall from our OCA 8 book. Granted this is misleading since it is a “book just came out” sales bump. But still really cool. It’s also cool to see questions like this one where you can see the reader understands or has a question about a subtle detail.


And thank you to everyone who has been sending us Errata.We are keeping a list on our OCA 8 book page. So far they are minor (typo things that don’t affect content.) Still, it’s good to have a list. That way we can fix them if there is a second printing or we write a Java 9 cert book! Plus if you are puzzled about whether it something is a typo, it is likely someone else reported it!




CART, Speaking and Toastmasters

Yesterday, I went to see the presentations from World IA day. One of the attendees was deaf and they provided CART (communication access real time translation.) I’ve seen a real time interpreter before, but never actually typing the words on a screen real time. I found this interesting from a speaking point of view.

One of the speaker used a lot of filler words which got me looking into how the CART stenographer handled it. He typed “so” and “you know” with consistency.  Once in a while, he’d type “um”. He left most of those out though. Which is fine. They don’t add any value to understanding.

Which of course, is why we are trained to avoid them in the first place. Filler words don’t add understanding to hearing listeners either.