cropping video fast for dummies on a mac (updated for 2015)

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cropping video fast for dummies on a mac (updated for 2015)

November 28th, 2015 by Jeanne Boyarsky

I don’t edit video often, which means it feels different each time I try. I last wrote about cropping on a Mac in 2012. It felt different (but easier) this time.

Downloading the file from youtube

I entered the original youtube URL into Then I downloaded the mp4 file.

Opening the video in iMovie

  1. Open iMovie
  2. New Project
  3. No theme
  4. Name project
  5. Import Media > navigate to the mp4

Crop the video

  1. In the thumbnails view, select the beginning of where you wan the video to start.
  2. Drag to where you want the video to end.
  3. Adjust as needed
  4. Play the video in the preview to ensure it is right.

Export the video

  1. File
  2. Share > File
  3. Next
  4. Save to location
  5. Wait until Mac pops up message that export was successful

the new two factor authentication for apple

October 31st, 2015 by Jeanne Boyarsky

I upgraded the OS on my iPad and MacBook Pro today. I also set up the “new” two factor system. I hadn’t set it up with the old system when I set up two factor on many other accounts.

Setup was easy as described here. I added both my home and cell numbers. I like that you can choose whether to receive a text or phone call with the code. A code was sent to or called on each phone to verify. Since I set this up from my Mac, it became a trusted device. My iPad is recognized as logged in, but not trusted so the code only appears on my Mac.

I then signed in to my apple account in Safari to try to set it up as trusted. On my Mac, the six digit verification code automatically popped up. Minor bug, it was a window that went to the background when I tabbed away and I couldn’t find it when command+tab to switched. I had to drag my browser window out of the way to get it back. When I went to look at iCloud > username > devices on my iPad, I again got the location/verification code pop up on my computer. More convenient this time since it was a different device. I like that it shows the location of the device that wants the code.

I also got an email saying I turned on two factor and that I can opt out by clicking the link for a limited time. I like that the link expires to reduce the attack surface. Of course, I can always opt out through actually logging into my account.

The only problem is that I can’t figure out how to make my iOS 9.1 iPad a trusted device. The option just isn’t there under iCloud > username > password and security.

murach – paper books vs e-books

October 17th, 2015 by Jeanne Boyarsky

In general, I prefer paper books over e-books so I’m a bit biased to begin with. I reviewed Murach’s Beginning Java with NetBeans book and suspected that I would recommend the equivalent Murach’s Beginning Java with Eclipse book more strongly because Eclipse is more marketable. But I didn’t want to recommend a book I hadn’t seen. Since most of the book is the same and Murach books are thick, it seemed like a waste to mail me another book so I asked for an e0book. Plus I was never going to read the whole book; just the Eclipse specific sections.

Murach uses a special LockLizard reader. Installing it wasn’t hard. Murach emailed me a license file to get started. I double clicked on it and it installed. Same for the book – I double clicked and it opened. Odd to have to install special software, but ok. And it met my needs since I wasn’t reading the whole book. They do have an iPad reader so I could have read it on my iPad if I wanted.

The problem I had with the Mac reader is that Murach uses a “paired pages” format. Which is great. However, the Mac reader at least doesn’t display those pages together. It can display two pages at the same time. But the right pages aren’t paired.