Lightweight application development – the server side java symposium

This session is a live demo of developing an app quickly. Kind of like the Ruby on Rails “see i can develop an app in 15 minutes so long as it fits my extremely fitting scenario”. It was an informative and humorous/domain specific (casino) example. And I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t trivialize the amount of work required. It was obviously a hello world type example and not intended you have a complete application in an hour. And the humor made it a great way to end the day.

The demo uses NetBeans because the speaker doesn’t want to install plugins, jab at Eclipse.

Since this was largely demo, comments are light, but here are some points:

  • Recommends using CDI instead of managed beans
  • Noted larger projects take a few seconds to rebuild/redeploy via maven
  • The interceptors and beans look so much like Spring and just as easy. I[ don’t see why you would switch back to ejb and know oracle plans to stay behind the curve]
  • Have a bean.xml even if empty so server doesn’t need to scan the whole project, just the cdi jars
  • I like that he included a custom annotation
  • In jee, an ejb can be a restful service
  • Avoids interfaces, only uses when really variation [what about testing?]

The speaker feels you should use Spring with an older JEE technology, but not JEE 6 because redundant. [you would still be deploying to jee 6 even if you aren’t using it though]

Eek wordpress – from the server side java symposium

Switching to the web interface over the iPad app for live blogging. I’m a bit annoyed the word press iPad app lost my post because I started a second draft. I also noticed the app posted my blog entry twice. While researching this, I learned of other even worse problems.  Using the web interface exclusively now.

Update: turns out word press doesn’t scroll properly in the browser  on iPad. I’m now up to blogging in notes and copy/pasting it in

Update: added the 99 cent HTML editor so I can get to the <> keys more easily and add some formatting as I write

Update: the HTML editor I tried doesn’t wrap text. There is probably a better editor, but I don’t have time to find it during a conference so I am back to Notes.

Update: i finally found out how to scroll in safari. Two fingers in the textarea and drag. Now trying to blog in the wordpress browser ui again.  Stayed with this for the rest of the conference

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