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Oracle re-scores BETA OCP 8 Exam!

Oops!Oracle offered a beta version of the Oracle Certified Professional, Java 8 Programmer, exam number 1Z1-809, last spring. Approximately 11-weeks after the beta exam ended, they released the score reports in August 2015. As anyone who has taken a beta exam probably knows, there are often questions and objectives on the exam that are not finalized and even contain errors, which is why it takes so long to score.

We are receiving a number of reports than in January 2016, approximately 8 months after the exam ended, users who took the beta OCP 8 1Z1-809 exam are now receiving a completely different score. In at least one case, a user who previously failed the exam got a bump 10%+ points and is now shown as passing the exam.

While slight changes to scores of beta exams is nothing new, the time between the exam and the re-scoring, as well as the size of the adjustment, are definitely quite bizarre. If you did take this exam, we recommend logging into Oracle CertView to see if your score has changed.