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See my main Presentation Mastery Pathways page for some context. You become eligible to start this project after completing the other level 1 projects:

Once you’ve completed all three, the final project of the level activates. “Level 1 Completion”. Clicking “launch” opens a PDF. There isn’t much to it. You click “launch” and that notifies your VPE that you completed the level. There’s nowhere in the system to submit your evaluation sheets to the VPE so I emailed them.

The status goes to “pending completion” until your VPE.

I don’t like this submission system. You can’t even look at the level 2 projects until your VPE approves level 1. But by definition, you just finished level 1 and are ready to start what is next. So the day you are most excited about moving forward you have no access to the project.

Note: I”m the first person from this club to complete level 1 so my VPE doesn’t yet know how to submit. Here’s what we learned when he actually submitted. (Not to worry; I did all the level 2 projects while waiting!)

Once the request goes through, the member gets an email. Here’s what mine looks like.

Dear Jeanne Boyarsky,

Good news! Your completion request for Level 1 Completion—Presentation Mastery was approved on 2/13/2018 6:10:00 PM. This means you have completed all of your educational requirements for this level and are ready to start the next level in your path. Visit your Education Transcript on Base Camp to view your completion approval.

In recognition of this exciting accomplishment, you have been awarded a certificate of achievement. To see or print your certificate, view the Training Details section within Level 1 Completion—Presentation Mastery. Watch the Accessing Certificates tutorial to see how to view and print your certificate.

To continue your Pathways journey, go to your Education Transcript and select the next level in your path to begin a new project. Congratulations on completing your level!


Toastmasters International

The member also gets a level 1 badge accessible on “My badges”

Additionally, the member can go back to level 1 and look at the final project to view the certificate. It looks like this: certificate-level1

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