Toastmasters Pathways – Research and Presenting

See my main Presentation Mastery Pathways page for some context. You become eligible to start this project after completing your icebreaker.

Again, you watch videos and answer questions interactively. The videos and questions cover both research and how to organize your speech. This means that the research and presenting speech is a mix of the old CC (Competent Communicator) speeches 2 and 7.

You get two worksheets to prepare. One is the speech outline to cover main points with support/evidence. The other is a guide to researching and citing your sources. The worksheets are another thing that differentiates Pathways from “the old way”. Both are useful if new to giving a speech. You don’t have to follow them if you want to organize your speech in a different way.

I gave my speech about SpeechCraft. Which is something I researched a few months ago. So research did happen. And it was great because my evaluation was done by someone who had never evaluated anyone before. He had a good observation that I hadn’t heard before. Different perspectives are great!

I was also Toastmaster at this meeting so I marked it off in my profile. See the logging your roles section for more on that.

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