Approving a Pathways level request

I submitted my Pathways Level 1 award in early January. Due to a combination of club officer vacations and the officers not knowing what to do (since Pathways is new), it took over a month to get it approved. I completed level 2 in that time.

Today, I screenshared with the club President and we approved my Level 1 award. Now that we know what to do,we know it should take under ten minutes. Here’s the process to quickly and easily approve a level for members of your Toastmasters club!

Step 1 – the club officer gathers info that the member  has completed the projects in the path.

There are a few options for doing this

  1. The member provides sufficient evidence that he/she has completed the speeches in the path. I went this route and emailed all my evaluations to the President and VPE. (I had chose this option because I’m a member of two clubs so the officers of the Pathways club have no other ways of validating)
  2. Past meeting agendas
  3. Speak easy or other online tracking system.

I recommend having the member at least provide you with the dates for validation if not the evaluations.

Step 2 – sign in to base camp manager

The club President, VPE or Secretary has to do this step.

  1. Sign into
  2. Click “pathways”
  3. Click “go to basecamp”
  4. In the middle tile, you’ll have two options – you could choose “log in as a member” – but don’t. That takes you to Base Camp rather than Base Camp Manager. Instead, click the button under it to go to Base Camp Manager.
  5. Click “Pending Requests”
  6. Clcik the members name to view the transcript to verify. This could be cross referencing PDF evals or looking at agendas
  7. Then click the green checkbox to approve or the red x to reject. Either way, you can leave an optional comment to submit.

This process (starting from step 5), is described in the official docs with screenshots.

The member gets an email. I got mine a few minutes after the club officer hit approve.

Step 3 – getting DCP credit

Then go back into and file an educational award. This increases the member’s title and gets credit towards the club’s DCP. It’s easy though – no need to type in titles:

  1. Club central
  2. Submit education awards
  3. Select member from pull down
  4. Education – level 1 (or whatever level)
  5. Submit

3 thoughts on “Approving a Pathways level request

  1. Often, I, as a member, forget to click the last “finish this level” project on a path level. A level can’t be approved until the member marks it complete!

  2. What if, by error, officer submits Education Award too early? Can you get credit once level is complete?

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