starting pathways level 2 before level 1 is approved

See my main Presentation Mastery Pathways page for some context. You become eligible to start Toastmasters Pathways Level 2 after you submit level 1 and your VPE (Vice President Education) submits/approves. I”m the first person from this club to complete level 1 so my VPE doesn’t yet know how to submit. Yet I had a meeting speaking opportunity before that. What to do? What to do?

Getting a level 2 (or any level) evaluation sheet

Level 2 is three speeches. You can download the evaluation sheet for all three easily.

  1. Go to the Base Camp home page
  2. Click “Speech Evaluations” (the rightmost option)
  3. Choose the project you are interested in and click Launch

This opens a PDF with the sheet your speech evaluator needs. Some of them you could do most of with just this information. For example, Intro to Toastmasters Mentoring is to give a speech about being a mentee. It is also supposed to include how Toastmasters envisions mentoring. For that, you need the full project. Googling for “pdf introduction to toastmasters mentoring” showed me that a club has uploaded the full project. This was useful in learning what the rest of the project was.

I imagine that Toastmasters doesn’t want people to upload the whole PDFs. But given this project is in all level 2 paths, it is a great start. The PDF for Understanding your Communication Style is also online and in many paths.

The actual project for Intro to Toastmasters Mentoring

After reading about the difference between mentoring and coaching (which is interesting), you give a speech that largely includes a story about when you were mentored. I’m currently leading a SpeechCraft program so I gave a speech on how mentoring helped come up with speech ideas.


I uploaded the PDF of my evaluation from this speech. I can’t mark it off in Base Camp until my Level 1 is approved. Also read how I completed level 2 before level 1 was approved.


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