[2018 oracle code one] graph databases

Let’s Make Graph Databases Fun agan with Java
Speaker: Otavo Santana & Elder Moraes
Tomitribe & Oracle

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  • Web 3.0 – More interaction between machines
  • Search JCP. Get JC Penny vs Java Community Process
  • Search Ajax. Get cleaner, technology and soccer team


  • Link pieces of data
  • Having metadata on relatioships is useful. (Ex: reason for travel, not just that does travel)

NoSQL (not only SQL)

  • Doesn’t use structure or transactions
  • Five diferent types – key/value, columns, document, graph, hybrid of multiple types
Term Key/value Columns Document Graph
Table Bucket Column Family Collection N/A
Row Key Value pair Column Document Vertex
Column N/a Key/value pair Key/value pair Vertex and edge property


  • CAP – consistencyy, availability, fault tolerance
  • Graph – neo4j, infogrpi, sones, hybergraphdb
  • Apache TinkerPop  like JDBC – try to standardize database interaction
    • Can add edge/verfix
    • has()  – like where cause
    • OutE() – edges
    • BothV() – reurn both ends of relationship
    • repeat/times – repeat action mltiple times to go through graph
    • repeat.until – repeat action until condition is true
  • JNoSQL – mapping/communication API. Like  a demo. Maps to Java object

My take: I learned a lot at this session! I really like the comparison of different database types and terms. I also liked the build up of queries and the Noe4J demo