iPad 2 Has Massive Screen Bleeding

Last week, I decided to sell my ‘old’ Apple iPad in favor of an Apple iPad 2. While I love the performance enhancements and size reduction of the newer model, I was shocked the first time I rebooted the device. As soon as the screen went to black, there was massive screen bleeding along the edges of the device, most notably on the side with the Home button.


Below are two sample images of my Apple iPad 2 device. (Click on the images for full-size versions.) I took the photos in a dark room with no flash, primarily because with lights on in the room, the overhead light reflected on the surface of the display.

I am not alone

Some news websites, such as MacRumors, have started reporting this issue. Other users have also provided samples which indicate the problem varies among units.

Where to go from here?

As an owner of the original iPad, I can honestly say these bleeding issues are much more severe on the iPad 2 than they ever were on the iPad 1. I’ve considered returning the device but since it is out of stock in many places, I am not sure when I would get a replacement. Also, since I bought it at Best Buy, do I go there, or since it is protected by AppleCare for the first year, do I go to the Apple Store? Do they cover screen bleeding at all? Given the bright fluorescent lighting of the Apple store, though, I’m not sure how easy it will be to demonstrate the bleeding in person. Either way, this is not the kind of quality I have come to expect from Apple.

Update #1 [3/13/2011]: Apple Store refuses exchange despite having new ones in stock!

While most Apple Stores are sold out of the iPad 2, they did inform me they had plenty on hand for “DOA” replacements. In other words, if the device is totally broken they will give you a new one, even though they are not selling them. When I told them I had purchased it from Best Buy, though, they retracted their offer and told me it would have to go through Apple Care to order “a replacement part” (that is, the entire device), and that I could not take one of the items in stock. I may just return it to Best Buy and wait for stocks to refill around the country.

Update #2 [3/22/2011]: Returned iPad

Following TheServerSide Symposium, I decided to return my iPad 2, despite the fact that is no place to buy a new one. I loved the device, but would prefer one that doesn’t have severe bleeding. Now, it is just a matter of waiting for the mad rush to end, before attempting to buy a new one.