Error’d: European Edition

I traveled to the UK earlier this month and was greeted by an error screen a day for the first three days of my trip.

Day 1: London Subway Station
Nothing like a 5-foot-tall boot screen to make you feel at home in a foreign country.

Day 2: Cardiff Train Station
Found a Windows BSOD while waiting for the train. And they say Linux dominates the European market!

Day 3: London Bus
Found half-way up the stairs of one of London’s famous double decker public buses.

Bonus: Bed Bath & Beyond
So as not to forget American-based errors, here’s one I came across this morning (live for now). Those without time machines are at a severe disadvantage for this Bed Bath & Beyond rebate offer!

By the way, it was an excellent trip, with or without the BSOD’s following me around Europe!