eclipse oxygen (4.7.1.a) for the mac for the third time

I had downloaded Eclipse Oxygen when it came out in June. Then I downloaded the September version for early Java 9 support along with the JUnit 5 add on for the JavaOne Hands On Lab I delivered. This required downloading the Eclipse plugin. I’m giving a similar/longer JUnit 5 lab at DevNexus this month. It makes sense to start with a clean version for students to install. Therefore I decided to install Eclipse Oxygen for the third time.

This time I downloaded the December release of Oxygen (4.7.1a). It includes JUnit 5 and Java 9 support.


I downloaded Eclipse and chose “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers” from the wizard.

Opening Eclipse, I confirmed that I was using the December 2017 package.

Installing the plugins

The significant plugins I chose to re-install are listed in this table. eGit, Buildship (for Gradle), m2e (Maven) and I think EclEmma were already installed without me doing anything.

Plugin Purpose
Eclipse Tomcat Plugin One click launch for recent versions of Tomcat. Both are listed as being successors to Sysdeo. While both seem fine, I went with the “Eclipse Tomcat Plugin” that I had before updating Oxygen.
SonarLint  I use SonarLint daily to look for errors in my code.
Subclipse I got errors installing Subversive last time and switched to Subclipse.
Eclipse Memory Analyzer For finding memory leaks. Unlike last year with Neon, it installed cleanly from Eclipse Marketplace.
Freemarker IDE Freemarker syntax highlighting and macro assistance.


Pydev Python plugin/perspective
Contrast To spot potential security issues. See my impressions of the Contrast plugin.
Bytecode Outline I’ve been looking at bytecode a good fit for the book to make sure I understand why things are happening. This plugin makes it easy. I first tried Bytecode Visualizer but install failed. (The website says there were 25 failed installs with the same dependency problem in the last 7 days). After installing Bytecode Outline, I realized this was the one I had installed for Luna anyway.
Pitclipse For mutation testing coverage


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