setup for HOL-1695 – Starting Out with JUnit 5 at JavaOne

I’ll be leading a hands on lab “Starting Out with JUnit 5” at JavaOne. This is a BYOL (bring your own laptop) lab.

In order to follow the lab, you’ll need either a recent Eclipse or IntelliJ. Or you can use the command line and your favorite editor if you usually code that way. If you aren’t very familiar with IntelliJ, I recommend using Eclipse. Both lab instructors use Eclipse primarily so we will be able to help you more that with IntelliJ.

If you run into any trouble setting up for the lab, you can post a comment on this blog post or start a thread in the Testing or IDEs forum at CodeRanch.

(NetBeans does not yet support JUnit 5 which is why it isn’t an option)

Option 1: Eclipse

  1. Download and install Eclipse Oxygen
  2. From Eclipse marketplace, install the JUnit 5 beta support.

Option 2: IntelliJ

  1. Download and install IntelliJ  2017.2.1 or later. (2016.2 or later will probably work, but I haven’t tested). JUnit 5 is included.

Option 3: Maven and your choice of Java editor

  1. Install Maven if you don’t already have it.
  2. Make sure you are using Java 8. (This lab was not tested with Java 9).
  3. Your favorite Java editor is presumably already installed :).

Optional – Git

  • One of the steps will be to pull code from git. If you have a git command line (or git bash), this is a one line operation. If not, you’ll be able to download a zip file from github so this isn’t a hard requirement.

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