chromebook and external monitor continued


Hook up my mother’s old tv to the Chromebook as an external monitor and use the new tv for tv.

Prep work

Back in NY, I tried to setup the Chromebook to use an external monitor and failed because I needed a display port to VGA adapter.  So I ordered one.

Why this still wasn’t trivial

When the adapter got delivered, I encountered some other problems.  Fir st a surprise. I paid $2 extra to Amazon for fast delivery.  It came via the Postal Service in 3 days.  It was fast, just odd because it said the package was coming via Fed Ex.

Anyway, I tried testing the Chromebook and new adapter with the new TV to make sure the adapter was good and the Chromebook could handle an external monitor.  It could of course.

Challenge 1 – DCI vs VGA

The old TV I wanted to connect it to had a DCI-I port and not VGA.  It didn’t even occur to me this might be a problem.  Radio Shack doesn’t sell a converter.  Suprisingly Staples does.  Which I found out when Radio Shack suggested I look at Staples.

Challenge 2 – The missing remote

This particular TV had a lost remote.  And a remote is needed to change from TV mode to DCI or PC mode.  We found a universal remote and the instructions for it.  Then we switched the mode.

Challenge 3 – The TV isn’t long enough

The VGA wire plus adapter is longer than the horizontal space in that part of the tv.  In particular the stand blocks it.  Hmm.  What to do about this.  I tried shoving it in to no avail.  I then tried unplugging the adapter from the VGA cable.  I inserted just the DCI adapter into the tv and screwed it in tightly.  I then inserted the VGA cable into the adapter at an angle and screwed it in as tight as I could.  Amazingly this worked!


It was a lot harder to do this than it should have been.  But the result was an external monitor and a new tv.  Interestingly, setting up an external monitor for my mac was trivial.  I already had a mini display port to vga adapter from when I used to plug the mac into my real tv.  From then on, it was plug and play.