[2022 javaone] hands on lab project loom

Facilitated by Oracle (Nicolai/Jose)

For more see the table of contents


  • The lab uses Oracle’s cloud environment. Setup was clear and well documented.
  • It’s a throwaway env only good for a few hours so you don’t have to worry about cleanup.
  • Can also do locally if prefer


  • Workshop: https://bit.ly/ocw22-hol3733
  • https://github.com/JosePaumard/2022_javaone-loom-livelab.git

Virtual Threads

  • A virtual thread runs on a “real” platform thread called a carrier thread
  • Can be mounted/dismounted from carrier thread when blocks
  • It’s cool seeing a platform thread run so many virtual threads

Structured Concurrency

  • I just skimmed this part (had ice cream and got distracted talking to people so didn’t do the code for this half.) Conveniently, it is in github and I can do it in the future. Probably when it makes it out of incubator so I don’t forget everything.

My take

It took almost half an hour to get started. The online editor doesn’t work in Mac Safari so did the setup twice. I could have used Java 19 locally, but wanted to see what the lab environment looked like. I had enough time though so it was ok.’

I got to use single file source code execution (the lab didn’t say to, but less typing.) Must tease someone about its usefulness. And I got to to try out Loom.

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