[2022 javaone] jakarta ee panel

Speakers: Will Lyons (Oracle), Edwin Derks (Rockstars IT), Emily Jiang (IBM), Reza Rahman (Microsoft), Ivar Grimstead (Eclipse Foundation)

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Jakarta 10

  • Lots of projects released
  • CDI Lite is new spec but subset of CDI so not completely new
  • Core profile – targets restricted environments
  • Java 11 source/binaries


  • Emphasis on opinions, community needs to weigh in
  • Looking forward to Loom
  • Release cadence need to be adopted by community. Cadence of spec itself being too fast risks not having proper adoption.
  • Need enough contributions to have a release
  • At one point had goal of yearly release cadence
  • Hard for customers to update that often
  • Room survey was 50/50% on one vs two year release cycle for Jakarta EE
  • Could release pieces independently. Could be confusing
  • A lot of companies align with Java SE LTS cycle
  • Vendors can certify against LTS versions
  • log4j has caused more patching
  • Companies will keep skipping versions
  • Room survey: people using a variety of EE versions
  • Demand vs capacity to deliver
  • Emily working on a one pager on how to contribute. Already have English doc https://jakartaee-ambassadors.io/guide-to-contributing-to-jakarta-ee-10/
  • https://github.com/jakartaee
  • “If there’s something you want, create a feature, now you are a contributor”
  • need to be able to explain why to contribute

My take

I like that there was a lot of time for audience comments and sharing opinions for the audience and panel. The brief prepared remarks set the stage well for that.

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