[2022 javaone] foundations of modern java server apps

Speaker: Kito Mann

For more see theĀ table of contents


  • In cloud, have both microservices and traditional web apps


  • Container (ex: docker) including UNIX kernel
  • Executable Jar or Native Image (ex: Graal)
  • Example microservice framework – Http Server, Http Java Integration, REST processing, JSON serialization, JSON parsing, validation, security, database integration, dependency injection, messaging, mail, health checks, tracing, fault tolerance, metrics, config, OpenAPI docs, GraphQL
  • Microservice frameworks – Spring boot, quarkus, micronaut, open liberty

Spring Boot

  • Http Server – Jetty, Tomcat or Underflow
  • Http Java Integration – Jakarta Servlet
  • REST processing – Jakarta RESTful Web Services or Spring MVC
  • JSON serialization – Gson, Jackson or JSON Binding
  • JSON parsing – Gson, Jackson or JSON Parsing
  • validation – Jakarta Bean validation
  • security – Spring security
  • database integration – JPA and others
  • dependency injection – Spring framework
  • messaging – Jakarta messaging, kafka and others
  • mail – spring java mail sender or jarkarta mail
  • health checks – spring boot actuator
  • tracing – spring cloud sleuth
  • fault tolerance – spring cloud circuit breaker and spring cloud netflix
  • metrics – micrometer
  • config – spring boot config
  • OpenAPI docs – Spring REST data
  • GraphQL – Spring for GraphQL


Did same for Quarkus, Payara Micro, Jarkarta EE. Didn’t transcribe deck

A lot of delegating to Jakarta and MicroProfile projects


  • Started in 2016

Jakarta projects

  • Jakarta Interceptors – standard way of writing interceptors
  • Platform – Jakarta enterprise beans, authorization, batch, connectors, mail, activation, messaging, web profile, core profile
  • Optional (not fully supported) – Jakarta enterprise web services, xml binding, SOAP with attachments, XML web services
  • Web profile – servlet, bean validator, persistence, authentication, web socket, CDI, mail, security, transactions, expression language, managed beans, concurrency, faces, standard tag libraries, server pages, enterprise beans light
  • Core profile – interceptor, dependency injection, annotations
  • Required for MicroProfile – Jakarta RESTful web services, JSON processing, JSON binding, CDI light
  • CDI surpassing EJB
  • New: Jakarta RPC, NoSQL, data
  • Removed: Jakarta Management

Java EE Server

  • War
  • Jakarta Servlet, RESTful web services, JSON binding/parsing, bean validation, security, persistence, CDI, messaging, mail

My take

Wow. A lot has changed since I last worked on a web app. Learned a lot here although the talk was longer than my attention span; especially later in the day. It was a bit of an info dump but good for getting the lay of the land. And I need to do a lot of reading!

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