Happy Book Birthday! OCP Java 17 Book Released!

Jeanne and I over the moon to announce the release of our new OCP Java 17 Developer Complete Study Guide! This book is the culmination of years of knowledge that we’ve accumulated writing study guides for Java. It is for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of Java, or who wants to pass Oracle’s new Java SE 17 Developer 1Z0-829 exam and become a Java 17 Oracle Certified Professional.

Lambdas and streams? Covered! Concurrency, JDBC, and NIO.2? Covered! New Java 17 switch expressions, records, sealed classes, pattern matching? Definitely covered! Modules? Ok, we don’t use them much either, but they are covered for the exam! It’s great for those who are familiar with Java, but want to acquire a deeper understanding of the language. Learn features of the language that will help you write better code!

Our Java 17 book is a streamlined version of our previous books, including all of the new material and changes that you need to know for the exam. Previously, we wrote one book for each of the two exams. Starting with Java 17, there’s only one exam, allowing us to cover the material in a much more concise and straight-forward manner. Put simply, it weighs less than our previous Complete Study Guide!

Want to win a free copy? Our home away from home, CodeRanch, will be running a book promotion next week starting on May 10th!

12 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday! OCP Java 17 Book Released!

  1. Hi!

    I would like to know your opinion about the following:

    Currently, I’m studying for the 1Z0-819 Java SE 11 Developer Exam.

    When I started studying, the Java 17 1Z0-829 exam wasn’t published yet so my plan was: Keep studying for Java 11, pass the certification, and then, start studying for the Java 17 1Z0-829 (since I’ll have all the knowledge “fresh”) and obtain that certification too.

    Do you think that is a good plan?
    And if you do, are you planning to publish some kind of book related to the new changes in Java 17 so that I can study only those topics?

    Or maybe, do you think it’s a better idea to go straight for the Java 17 exam?

    Let me know your thoughts 🙂

    Thanks in advance

  2. David: I recommend taking the exam that goes with book you have. In your case, the Java 819 for Java 11. It’s significantly harder to pass an exam without the appropriate study materials. Once you have the Java 11 cert, you can decide whether you want another cert.

    And no, we aren’t publishing a “diff” book.

  3. Hello,
    Is it possible to purchase offline version of this book? (pdf or epub e.g.). As I understand, Amazon Kindle and Wiley only offer electronic versions that are available online.

  4. Hello,

    I’ve used previous versions of your book and I’m happy with it, but I want an electronic copy that’s not Kindle and that’s not online. Preferably pdf as my old reader does not do well with other recent formats. Is there such an option?

    Best Regards,

  5. How can I report errors in the book? Chapter 7 Q14 option D is described as incorrect because nonsealed is not a modifier, but option D spells non-sealed as a modifier, not nonsealed so option D is in fact a correct answetr.


  6. Hello, the introduction of the modules chapter mentions that there is a GitHub repo reachable from this page. But I don’t get to find it. Where is the GitHub repo please ?



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