Announcing the New Java 17 1Z0-829 Certification Exam and Study Guides!

Scott and Jeanne are thrilled to announce that Oracle has finally announced the new Java 17 1Z0-829 exam! Having worked with Oracle to create the objectives, we’ve been anxiously waiting to let all of our readers know that we already have two books for the new exam well underway:

In fact, you can preorder the Java 17 Complete Study Guide now!

The exam is similar to the Java 11 1Z0-819 that preceded it. The following are some of the key changes Oracle has made to the new exam:

  • Sealed Classes and Records have been added
  • Switch Expressions have been added
  • Pattern Matching has been added
  • Text Blocks have been added
  • Math API is on the exam
  • Date/Time API is back on the exam (previously on the Java 8 exam)
  • Annotations and Security have been removed

We’ll post more details soon about the exam including when you can sign up to take it, as Oracle releases the information!

28 thoughts on “Announcing the New Java 17 1Z0-829 Certification Exam and Study Guides!

  1. So, If I was planning to take 1Z0-819 around January next year, should I aim for 829 now? I would imagine that Oracle will deprecate 819 right after 829 release.

  2. Steve: Keep in mind that it is harder to take an exam without a study guide. I recommend taking whatever version of the exam matches the study guide. (I don’t think the Java 11 exam is going away quickly. Oracle usually runs them in parallel for a good while. The exam ecosystem is still centered around the older exam for a period of time too)

  3. Will there be an updated version for the OCA as well?
    I have only found books for OCA Java SE 8, but for OCP there’s SE 8, SE 11 and upcoming SE 17 ?

  4. Hi Scott and Jeanne, hope you are doing great!!
    I have passed the 1Z0-819 on Febrary, I would like to know if I will get any benefit in the upcoming exam (maybe it will be shorter, for instance). Thanks.

  5. Hi! Will we be able to buy the electronic version of the `Java OCP 17 Developer Complete Study Guide`? And when if yes.

  6. This is exciting news. Scott and Jeanne, I see that Wiley lists the available date of books as April 2022. When is Oracle planning to make the exam available?

  7. Java 11 OCP Complete Study Guide could be used to start the learning for the new version of test until the new version of the book is released?

  8. @Andrew: Just like the Java 11 book, there will be an e-book on Wiley and Amazon. It will be released in the Spring; just like the printed book. (Remember we are still writing the book)

  9. @Armando: Oracle hasn’t announced an upgrade exam. I wouldn’t expect one since there is only one exam to take now. (When Java 11 was released, there were two so an upgrade made sense)

  10. Hi there. Since you are pre-selling the book, may we assume that it will be released soon or just by the end of the year? Can the book be used for beginners that wish to go directly to the certification 1Z0-829 as their first certification? Are the digital and paperback version going to be released together?
    Thank you!

  11. @Alisson: Wiley has an April release date listed for the book. Yes, the book can be used for a first cert. We do recommend it isn’t your first Java book ever though. (So read Java for Dummies or some other Java book first.) Yes, the digital and paperback are released at roughly the same time.

  12. I’m studying for the OCP 11 exam right now, should I focus more on the OCP 17 exam and wait for it to be released to take it?

  13. I’m studing right now to present the OCP 11 java certification exam, should I focus in OCP Java 17 or continue studing for Java 11 OCP?? Thanks

  14. Hi there,

    I recently started studying for java 11 certification and I bought ocp java 11 developer book but I got to know that java 17 certification is available, now can I target for java 17 exam with the book I’m having or I need to buy new 17 book. Please let me know.


  15. Hello Jeanne,
    Any idea on the release date of the OCP 17 exam? Or rather, the release date of your book so that I can start studying 🙂

  16. Hello Jeanne,
    I’m considering buying your book from Amazon, would you recommend the OCP Java SE 11 Developer or the OCP Java SE 17 Developer ?
    Thank you

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