SpringOne live blog – going cloud native at Comcast

Going Cloud Native at Comcast
Speaker: Todd Migliore

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  • 10 year old services
  • Had to scale platform has a whole with physical services. Couldn’t scale one service
  • Shared release calendar for 15 dev teams.
  • Only did deployments once a month.
  • Took two hours to deploy all services.
  • Had to deploy in middle of night to minimize impact
  • Three level support team. Ops team split from dev and test teams. Finger pointing when there was an outage.
  • Data store was active (east coast) and passive (west coast.) There was a 60 minute outage to transfer. Instead would troubleshoot for an hour before giving up and having another hour outage.

The challenge

  • Needed to transform while still running

The approach

  • Held a submmit
  • Got smartest folks in room to answer “how are we going to get out of this mess”
  • Someone suggested migrating apps to cloud
  • Hard to move to cloud. WebSphere/WebLogic, rack database, monolith
  • Then someone suggested microservices

Microservices – why it should be small

  • Agile – deploy to prod in minutes
  • Elastic – scale in minutes
  • Resilient – survive outages form back end dependencies
  • Distributed – automatic failover
  • Event driven – stream data to other services
  • Developed and run by a single team
  • If you service talks to more than one dependency, it is not a microservice
  • Need to define what that one thing is for your microservice
  • Should own its own data.

Note: my session was right after this one so I spent the end getting ready for mine.

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