Spring One Live Blog Table of Contents

I’m going to attempt to live blog. The internet has been flakey so it might be “less than live”.  (Also, I’m only attending Day 1 of the conference)

All sessions will be on youtube.

Day 0

  • In the evening, they had lightning talks. I did one on FRC Java Robots. It’s my first time giving an Ignite talk (aside from practice.) It was fun and I did well.
  • They also had PowerPoint Karaoke. They set up 5 slides that you had to talk about for 15 seconds each without having seen them before. I tried this, it was fun and funny. Luckily they had Mac Presenter view on so at least you could see the next slide and create transitions.

Day 1

Day 2-3

  • n/a – I had a vacation planned so was only at this conference for one day

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