SpringOne live blog – Productize Your Service

Productize your Services – a path towards effective microservices development
Speaker: Stephan Hagemann (Pivotal)

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  • When do one big thing, split it into a bunch of smaller things
  • Who needs to talk to whom to see what they want to do


  • Boat analogy – agile is turning gracefully as quickly as need to
  • We don’t know what’s coming
  • Try to build in the right way


  • Less costly ways of learning what need to learn in order to know doing right thing
  • Ex: computer model before build physical object
  • Boat analogy – small boat, prototype

User centered design

  • Create solutions in context within constraints
  • Think about requirements
  • Constraints change over time. Ex: technological advancement
  • Through iterations, winner shapes next set of options

Two Speed IT – bad idea

  • Made slide red because bad idea
  • Idea that change is hard so will change customer facing apps first and leave the old stuff alone
  • Speed 1 – nothing happening
  • Speed 2 – go fast and then get stuck when need to wait for something at speed 1
  • Forcing people to use your API doesn’t work. That’s where shadow IT comes from.

Productized service

  • Nice story about out of date docs, people who changes jobs and eventually finding out a service wasn’t implemented. Then he showed the code. [I missed how the service got implemented. Or maybe that it was implemented and never went to prod]
  • Pivotal has marketplace so can find available service
  • Example of a nice service – see if license is valid for your artifacts

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