Toastmasters Pathways – an overview of the levels and projects

If you are in Toastmasters, you’ve probably heard that the education program is changing to Pathways. The new program has ten different paths each of which has three levels that you proceed through on your path. I started with the Presentation Mastery path as I expect that to be the most common choice in my club. You can read about my experiences in the Presentation Mastery path. It turned out to be less important than I expected in which path I choose for learning about the program. But more on that in a moment.

First lets start with some key references.

  1. District 57 (the home of Toastmasters) has a great Pathways site with lots of reference material.
  2. District 57 also has a 66 page PDF which lists:
    1. A paragraph description of the 10 paths
    2. A one page description of the projects and electives in each of the 10 paths
    3. A list of the requirements for each project
  3. A list of links to the evaluation sheets for all projects. In order for this link to work, you must already be logged into Pathways. (Don’t bother trying to login after clicking the link). This is useful if you are evaluating a member and they haven’t handed you the sheet.

Back to the paths. While the emphasis of each path varies, you have a lot of choices in common; especially in the electives. Also, the paths are mostly an equivalent amount of work. (Something that was not true of the old advanced communication manuals.)

I really liked the information in the 66 page PDF mentioned above. But I wanted to see in a view that let me compare paths. As a club officer, this is really helpful. So I made my own. I got permission from George Marshall to share my view and here it is.

This 12 page deck compares the paths level by level and gives you an idea of what to expect in each. If you are viewing this post from a corporate firewall, you may see a blank page here as this file is hosted at SlideShare. So try again from your personal computer.

2 thoughts on “Toastmasters Pathways – an overview of the levels and projects

  1. I have a very specific question – where are the roles of a timer, grammarian, ah counter, etc. in Pathways?

  2. @Virginia: They are under your account. Click the gear in the top right. You log the first time you did each one and then never have to think about logging it again.

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