Don’t Panic: Oracle announces new Java OCP 11 Exam!

Update (11/05/2020): Read The 1Z0-819 Exam page to learn how you can easily our Java 11 Study Guides to prepare for Oracle’s 1Z0-819 Exam, as well as the 1Z0-817 Upgrade Exam.

Oracle has announced a new Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-819 exam. In doing so, they are also retiring the 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 exams, effective October 1st, 2020. Don’t panic! The new exam is basically a combined version of the 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 exams.

In fact, Jeanne and I worked with Oracle staff to help design the objective set for the new 1Z0-819 exam. For example, we’re responsible for removing CallableStatement‘s and assertions. You’re welcome!

This means our existing study guides are perfectly suited to help you pass this new exam. We recommend studying for the new exam with one of the following two options:

Is the new exam easier?

Not really. The new 1Z0-819 exam covers a broad range of material. And you have to know it all on the same day instead of split across two different exams.

What are the benefits of the new 1Z0-819 exam?

To begin with, it costs less. One exam instead of two. Additionally, there are less questions.

The breadth of material does have an advantage: if you don’t do well on one topic, it is likely to be less points on the exam.That said, you only have 90 minutes on the new exam, as opposed to 180 minutes on the old exams, but you have less questions to answer.

What about the Upgrade Exam?

Oracle is keeping the Upgrade OCP Java 11 1Z0-817 exam. Like the new 1Z0-819 exam, our Complete Study Guide can be used for the upgrade exam. You also just use the Programmer II book, as we added an Upgrade Appendix just for this exam.

What don’t I need to study?

You need to know almost everything that was on the 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 exams for the 1Z0-819 exam. There are a few topics that you no longer need to worry about for the exam:

  • Characteristics of Java (platform independence, backwards compatibility, etc)
  • Running a basic program from the command line (except modules)
  • Java Assertions
  • JDBC CallableStatement

How do the new objectives map to our Java 11 Study guides?

We created a helpful mapping so you know what to study for the new exam.

1Z0-819 ObjectivesProgrammer I (1Z0-815) ChapterProgrammer II (1Z0-816) ChapterComplete Study Guide Chapter
Working with Java data types3 – Operators
4 – Making Decisions
5 – Core Java APIs
6 – Lambdas and Functional Interfaces
1 – Java Fundamentals3 – Operators
4 – Making Decisions
5 – Core Java APIs
6 – Lambdas and Functional Interfaces
12 – Java Fundamentals
Controlling Program Flow4 – Making Decisions4 – Making Decisions
Java Object-Oriented Approach2 – Java Building Blocks
7 – Methods and Encapsulation
8 – Class Design
9 – Advanced Class Design
1 – Java Fundamentals2 – Java Building Blocks
7 – Methods and Encapsulation
8 – Class Design
9 – Advanced Class Design
12 – Java Fundamentals
Exception Handling10 – Exceptions5 – Exceptions, Assertions, and Localization10 – Exceptions
16 – Exceptions, Assertions, and Localization
Working with Arrays and Collections5 – Core Java APIs3 – Generics and Collections5 – Core Java APIs
14 – Generics and Collections
Working with Streams and Lambda expressions6 – Lambdas and Functional Interfaces4 – Functional Programming
7 – Concurrency
6 – Lambdas and Functional Interfaces
15 – Functional Programming
18 – Concurrency
Java Platform Module System11 – Modules6 – Modular Applications11 – Modules
17 – Modular Applications
Concurrency7 – Concurrency18 – Concurrency
Java I/O API8 – I/O
9 – NIO.2
19 – I/O
20 – NIO.2
Secure Coding in Java SE Application11 – Security22 – Security
Database Applications with JDBC10 – JDBC21 – JDBC
Localization5 – Exceptions, Assertions, and Localization16 – Exceptions, Assertions, and Localization
Annotations2 – Annotations13 – Annotations

111 thoughts on “Don’t Panic: Oracle announces new Java OCP 11 Exam!

  1. Ok. So what you mean, is that both of the two alternatives above can be used to take the 1Z0-819 exam?

  2. I am so confused my son graduated from high school in 2020 . He decided to defer university for one year and do Java certifications . We didn’t know where to start . Because he was a novice to java he chose to do OCA 808 . He is been studying for last 3 months with couple of Udemy courses and of course your book . But today I came across your article that Oracle is scraping OCA 808 exams and I read somewhere that from October 1st . He has booked OCA 808 exam for October 20 . What should we do . Should he take this associate level exam or cancel it and study for SE 11 815 or 816 . Please guide me thanks .

  3. Very useful information for those of us who were preparing the “old” version of the exams and now need to confluence in the new one. Thank you very much!

  4. On my opinion things now will be harder, you will have all the tricks that they can do. They will write a huge class and just a small detail to trick you.

  5. I have the same question as Blazej.
    I bought your book for the 1Z0-815 exam and passed it in March, but still had to do the 1Z0-816 exam.
    It is frustrating to see that the result of that exam doesn’t count anymore.
    So to get the certificate, I should take the new 1Z0-819 exam next instead of the 1Z0-816?

  6. Hello,
    Thanks for this helpful post! I just wanted to clarify — with the table that maps the new objectives to your Java 11 study guides, the first 2 columns are sufficient preparation if we have both the 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 study guides, correct? And if we are planning on taking the new Exam 1Z0-819, do we need to study Appendix A of the Java SE 11 Programmer II Study Guide (the one that covers both 1Z0-816 and 1Z0-817)?
    Thanks again!

  7. Hi. I have OCA 8 and I’ve spent R$ 200 BRL got the book Java OCP 11 Programmer II Study Guide to take the exam 1Z0-816, but the exam is not exists anymore. So, do I need to spend more R$ 289 BRL to get this new book for new certification?
    It is very expensive for us in Brazil.

  8. Juliano: It’s a tough choice. You might be able to manage without the 815 book and you might not. I imagine the exam is also expensive in Brazil so it becomes a question of how much risk you want to take.

  9. Hi Scott, Jeanne,
    first of all thank you for the usefull post.
    I took the last year the 1Z0-808 (OCA 8) exam, and until this moment I was studying for 1Z0-809 (OCP 8) exam, considering that switching on Java 11 series would have required an integration exam.

    At this point I would ask you an advice, from a skills point of view, is more convenient that I continue to study and take the 1Z0-809 or that I switch on the new single 1Z0-819 exam?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  10. @Corrado: It depends on your timeline. If you think you’ll be ready before the 819 is retired, that’s an easier path. The catch is nobody knows when that will be!

  11. Hi,

    I took 1Z0-808 a few days ago and intended to take the 816 exam to become OCP.

    Today it came to my attention and 815 and 816 are not available anymore and in pearsonVUE also JP versions are only available.

    I couldn’t find any prerequisites for 819 exam. Does that mean that one can simply enroll for 819 and become a OCP? I guess it does not make any difference if one has OCA or not, right?
    PS: a link to a graphical path to different Java certification would be helpful.


  12. I did the 1Z0-815 before and passed.
    This week I had my 1Z0-819 test and failed. I had no time to answer all questions, the time is far too short. I mean that are 1,8min./questions, the time per questions was before 2,25min. at the same question type.
    I would nobody recommend to make that exam.
    I would try it only again if the duration is more realistic.

  13. Can I skip Chapter 1 in the Java OCP 11 Developer Complete Study Guide for the 1Z0-819 exam or is this still needed?
    Basically, do I have to know all the command line options?

  14. Can I ask where the appendix is in the Java 11 complete study guide for those of us taking the 817 upgrade exam? I can’t really find anything about it in there except what chapters to study. Or was the appendix specific to the 816 book because it is missing the var section from chapter 2 in the 815 book?

  15. @Matthew: The appendix in the 816 book is part of ch 2 and all of ch 6. We reprinted it in the 816 book as an appendix so people studying for the 816 wouldn’t need to buy the 815 book for 1.25 chapters. Now that there is one exam (the 819), that’s a moot point because the complete study guide has those chapters “built in”

  16. I just wanted to mention this; I did the 1Z0-819 exam today and I did receive a question on JDBC CallableStatement.
    Anyway, thanks for writing the book, I managed to pass the exam in the end 🙂

  17. I just passed 1Z0-819 exam, I felt it is of medium difficulty and time management is very crucial during the exam. I came across Java OCP 11 Developer Complete Study Guide a day before the exam, I managed to cover Functional interfaces and Streams in a day from this book and I liked the way concepts are explained and it really helped me in answering the Streams related questions.Highly suggest this material for certification.

  18. Hi, i started studying on the 815 book. Now that you rolled out the new complete study book. A question rose in my mind.
    Does the 819 book “just” gathers the contents of the 815 and 816 into one book. Or there are differences.

  19. How do i purchase the pdf version of the book “Java OCP 11 Developer Complete Study Guide” ?

  20. @Tarik: Yes, the book is “just” the contents of the 815/816. (819 only introduces one new topic which is linked to from this post.) The only other difference is that we fixed all known 815 errata at the time of printing the CSG :). No reason to publish known errata again.

  21. @Mabhdi: The practice tests book wasn’t out at the time of that blog post. (In fact, it’s still not. It comes out in February 2021.) That said, it is a supplement. The complete study guide is sufficient. The practice tests book is for more practice. Some readers need more practice questions; others do not.

  22. @Jeanne Boyarsky please can u tell me the exact date of { The practice tests book} because i am waiting it ?

  23. Dear Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff,
    I have finally passed the exam two weeks ago, so thanks so much for the study guide!
    I would like to know if you also have a study guide for the Spring certification. I searched for it but I have not found anything written by any of you guys.


  24. Hi, i saw multiple persons saying they had questions on Deque but there is nothing in your book about this, even :

    The main benefit of a LinkedList is that it implements both the
    List and Queue interfaces. The trade‐off is that it isn’t as
    efficient as a “pure” queue. You can use the ArrayDeque class
    (short for double‐ended queue) if you need a more efficient
    queue. However, ArrayDeque is not in scope for the exam.

  25. Hello,

    Sorry if my question is redundant.
    I passed 1Z0-808 & 1Z0-809, so can I take 1Z0-819 instead of 1Z0-817 (Upgrade) since its for 25$.


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