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A friend asked me what browser plugins I use. Rather than write an email back, I thought “well that makes a good blog post.” Aside from the plugins practically everyone has (like Java, Acrobat, etc), this page lists what I use.

Safari plugins

My main browser is Safari. I have:

Plugin What is is for
Live CSS Editor  Testing CSS changes without loading the page
Firebug Lite for Safari JavaScript debugging
Unicorn CSS validator equivalent to this page
W3C Validator XHTML, CSS and RSS validator equivalent to this page (not sure where I downloaded it from)
No Follow Shows which links have no follow
Ghostery This is the most recent plugin that I’ve added. It shows you which third party sites have content on the page and makes it easy to customize what you allow.

I used to use plugins for Delicious and Feedly, but replaced them with the bookmarkets

Safari plugins

I also have some Firefox plugins:

Plugin What is is for
Alexa Toolbar  The Alexa toolbar shows you the “popularity” of a site. This plugin “phones home” with your business so I don’t want it in my main browser. It is useful when looking at SEO though. For example, my friend owns NYC Doula Service and asked me a question about her ranking. It was convenient to have tools installed.
PageRank  Shows Google page rank value. I don’t know if this one phones home, but I keep it in Firefox because Alexa is there.
Heartbleed  Earlier this year when the Heartbleed vulnerability was new, someone wrote a plugin to check sites. This plugin was only available in Firefox. That’s why this one is in Firefox, it isn’t a plugin that I think is spying on me.

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