[first] wpilib in 2015

Wpilib into 2015 (programming with java and c++ on the RoboRio)

Also see RoboRIO post

For other posts about the 2014 FIRST conference, see the index page.  (written on my iPad; please excuse typos)

Synergy in the tools (some of this was introduced for the 2013-2014 year and the rest was introduced earlier)

  • Really pushing commands
  • Associate commands with OI
  • Test commands individually – via buttons on SmartDashboard
  • On test mode, shows status of each subsystem on graphically
  • RobotBuilder produces wiring diagram
  • Spent a long time on RobotBuilder and command based programming (i like the command based programming, but not sold on RobotBuilder)
  • If don’t use Word the right way’ you fight with it. True of wpilib as well
  • command based programing will be improved going forward

New control system

  • Dual core
  • Ethernet , usb, can, spi,i 2c and serial
  • Pwm, servo, Digital and analog io
  • No breakout boards
  • Just one light plastic piece
  • In the middle is the custom electronics port. Use if want more analog inputs, to do something creative, etc

Power distribution board

  • 12v thru circuit breakers
  • Regulated supplies for RobotRIO, VRM and PCM
  • CAN interface for logging current, temperature and battery

Pneumatics control. Module (PCM)

  • 12v or 24v pneumatics – if need both, use two modules
  • Compressor confrol
  • CAN interface
  • 8 solnoid outputs

voltatge regulator module

  • Multi regulated 12v and 5v
  • Power for d-link radio, custom circuits and ip camera

Usb wireless adapater (asus dongle)

  • Connected to usb port on RoboRIO
  • Can be positioned for improved signal


  • Standard linux with real time extensions
  • Can do memory checking or anything else that linux can do


  • Dashboard
  • New inaging tool
  • Robot simulator

Dev tools

  • Everything based on opensource
  • Eclipse
  • Java 8 se – works on Windows, Linux and Mac
  • New c++ – current gcc compilers – works on Windows and Linux
  • Not sure if will support NetBeans in addition to Eclipse
  • Choose small memory profile version ofJava
  • Uses ant to build robot program

Library changes

Mostly compatible plus

  • Improved CAN support – sync or async
  • Units and measures – can specify moving to angle, driving fixed distance, running motor at some speed
  • Continuous inputs
  • Outputs
  • RobotDrive
  • Controller strategies
  • Can move stuff from crio forward but not new code backwards

Open source dev at WPI’s end

  • Usfirst.collab,net
  • They are using mavenand gi t
  • Gerrit based checkins

Reach goals

  • Gazebo simulator in beta test
  • Online curriculum with video lessons in short chunks

Nice quote

  • The whole point of robotics is to automate to make things easier for the driver

My impressions:

People came to hear about 2015. Brad spent more than half the time on things that exist now. He also entertained a lot of questions in that first half. Unsuprisingly he ran out of time before alot of content.  He sounded surprised that he ran out of time.  I look forward to at least reading the full deck when it goes up online after championships end.

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