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Earlier in the year, Scott and I live blogged from the server side symposium. I’m going to try to do the same from here at web 2.0 expo. The big differences is I only paid for the keynotes. While I will go to some sponsored sessions i’ll only blog about those if there is non-commercial type content. The other big difference is that it is dark at the keynotes and I am typing on my lap. Will see how that goes.

As with last time, I am typing on my ipad and will edit for typos/add formattimg from my real computer later.

Anyway, tonight is Ignite. I’ve never tried live blogging at ignite. I have tweeted during it though so worst case is this blog post is a bunch of one liners. And if you’ve never attended an ignite you need to! 15 second slides for 5 minutes; what a pace.

I already learned something. I should have decided i was going to attempt live blogging at home and entered the speaker names and titles then.


Alexis Ohanian – make the world suck less

  • Co founder of reddit – cool!
  • “not in the one percent” – current events anyone?
  • Slide with reddit guy with two others hipmunk (travel) and breadpig (geeky products using proceeds for good)
  • Forbes list will habe more geeks and builders in future
  • If everyone does a little thing…

Amy Herman – how picasso helps to solve a murder case

  • noticing detail in art helps train. As does changing perspective or talkingabout difficult things
  • Cool. The stuff people point out or is hard to notice

Caroline Drucker – how to get more women in tech in under a minute

  • If want to be respected, use word woman not girl. Huts making tech a better place.
  • Girl implies authority on behalf of speaker or reinforces old way
  • We are happy to be out of high school. Girl ends there
  • Avoid verbiage “I may not be an expert” diminishes you. Makes sound unconfident
  • Women engineer not geek girl
  • Cute pictures of little girls on slides
Note from me: *** really well said and no negatives in the talk impressive.  I use the term girl more than I should.  I need to train myself not to.  Caroline is completely right on this.

Corvidea Raven – how to unstale your cheerios

  • Microwaving doesnt help umless eat the second they come out
  • Water them. So the soggy bothers you more than the staleness
  • Dry clean them 🙂
  • 2 qts liquid nitrogen 🙂

David Phillips – los angeles survival kit

  • Culver city The ie 6 of la
  • Rich people throw out clothes in a year. Go get them
  • Save phone calls for when in car/traffic
  • Not an actor – professional auditioner

Emma Persky – how to win at karaoke

  • Traveling karaoke across country in ran
  • Matching a tune is singing; don’t need to sing well for karaoke
  • Feeling energy/ passion is how you win
  • Choose a song people knowsosense energy
  • Sing with friendat same time (not duet)
  • stick mic at someone else so they help
  • Dress up, props

Jack Aboutboul – let’s talk

  • Future : higher bandwidth communication. Holograms?
  • Showed past of communication evolving – smoke signal, carier pigeon.
  • Pigeon to web is a big jump
  • Community board is original “wall”
  • Punchcard – few characters. Like twitter
  • “are you living your life ir being distracted from it?”

Jonathan Levy – life of an infomercial before and after model

  • Entertaining story. What the title sounds like. More than I ever wanted to know about weightloss

Lucianne Walkowicz – explosions in the sky: the new era of time-domain astronomy

  • Cool chile is recording sky over 10 yrs. Like giant cosmic movie. Data will be public right away
  • Sky alert tells you when interesting eventhappening socan see
  • Sky inherently democratic – open to all to see

Mark Malkoff – stretching boundaries, challenging societym testing limits

  • Will the apple store let me bring in a goat? (that video was hilarious)
  • All starbucks stores look the same – visited all starbucks in manhattan in 24 hours
  • Turbulence is like being in a boat getting over a wave – lived on a plane for a month
  • NYers are nice! – had people cary him from southern tip of manhaattan. Went 9 miles
  • Mta buses are slow – beat 42nd street bus on kids big wheel. Won by 2 minutes
  • Crumbs cupcake kill abs in 5 days

Mark’s channel with videos – I really enjoyed the Big Wheel vs Bus one.

Matt Lemay – my new software company

  •  LOL. Loved the rip on lack of business model – it was hilarious when he got to the point. The software is a band. Music is software. And musicians are entrepreneurs
  • Problem to solve : “i don’t have enogh software”
  • $10 live software demo

Michelle broderick – how mayor mccheese built mcdonaldland into a hyper local community

  • Make odd mcdonalds characters look like a group
  • Community starter sets tone for most of time
  • Love the cat on a mac slide!
  • Cats with booze. Opening strong with the cat slides.
  • Want both ofline and offline connecttions for people in your community

Ron Goldin – workcation in the modern era

  • Finding ways to inject energy into work
  • Take a day – less work days per week to avoidlayoffs. But people liked it because got chores/distractions. Half of people dont even take their vacation days
  • Break the day – take break outside work or even go work outside to get more energy/ new ideas
  • Go away – work in different city/culture to get new ideas

Samhita Mukhopadhyay – outdated: 5 reasons dating is ruining your life

  • Dating is sifting thru people like resumes looking for right one
  • Sexist myths – This is a tech blog. Not posting this part. But it was good.

Sarah Feingold – the laws of ring pops

  • Hmm law school has a metal class?
  • Copyright – ip protection grounded in constitution. Like art on ring pop wrapper and the ring itself
  • Trademark – word phrase symbol or design. Like ring pop phrase itself. R = registered trademark
  • Patent for idea such ad”combined candy and ribg” and “ring having a metrics for candy”
  • and they threw out hundreds of ring pops to the audience!

Suraj Patel – the social media echo chamber

  • Politics and twitter. Hmm. I came here to getaway from politics
  • Social media reinforces our beliefs because follow people with similar beliefs
  • Cool tweet cloud graph
  • “everyone is entitled to own opinion but not own facts”
  • Leaving out which party he pointed out. But this is new your city so youcan guess. Where is the other party’s example? Ooh found one – far right and far left picked on at least in passing

Nick Crocker – floss the teeth you want to keep – how to change yourself

  • Little changes take months. Can’t just decide to change
  • First time people dying from too much food
  • Tech makes worse because shorter timefrom impulse to action
  • Tip make only one change for (21 days to habit)
  • do repetitively
  • Easier to ad behavior than remove one
  • Create trigger for new behavior
  • Change with a friend
  • Measure the change so know if on right track
  • Change environment – hard to change if old way all around
  • 10 points in 5 minutes is a lot

Tereza Nemessanyi – i digitized my mom

  • Putting off decisions makes stress which makes us make worse decisions
  • Eustress – make decision making a game
  • Better qus get better answers – must be a decision, close decision could go eithet way, it could happen to you, result matters
  • Site is community polling. – bone marrow info

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  1. Jeanne, thanks for the summary!

    Hipmunk is like Kayak but with a visual timeline. I’m a huge fan of Kayak ahd tried Hipmunk 2 weeks ago. It’s very cool!

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