ipad FIRST robotics update

In early January, I blogged about Getting my iPad ready for FIRST robotics season.  It’s now enough later to revisit that and see how things worked out.

Overall, things have gone better than expected.  For the most part, the internet has been available making searching the internet easy.


Now that I’m relying on the iPad more to check my e-mail, I’m hitting the limitations of the built in mail client.  I learned that gmail’s web application is much better.  It lets me both trash and archive, easily view labels, etc


Having the manual on hand in a searchable format has been great!  I was surprised how helpful it was to be able to zoom in on the diagrams – can’t do that with paper.  We also had to remember not to touch when pointing and discussing things.  Wouldn’t want the screen to move.  I downloaded a bunch of other documents to the iPad as well that I might want to reference.

Git Hub Viewer Lite

I’m not sure if Git Hub Viewer Lite or JDocReader is my favorite app.  Git Hub makes it easy and fast to view the code.  Looking at older code while being near the laptop with the new code has been very effective.


My other candidate for favorite application is JDocReader.  Having the robotics documentation on hand without having to changes streams from development has been great.  I don’t need to disrupt the main flow to test a theory.


iUnarchive is just a utility but it works for what I need it to.


There weren’t any lulls yet. We have a bigger group this year and there is another stream of work to jump to if one has a lull. Hence I haven’t used this application beyond trying it out.

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