how to register for an exam using an oracle exam voucher

Up until August 2022, everyone used PearsonVUE to register for the exam. Now, you sign up for an exam differently if you are taking it in English. If you are taking it another language (ex: Chinese or Japanese), you still pay thru PearsonVUE (see blog post on sign up process.)

Don’t worry. The exam is still administered through PearsonVUE.

For English exam takers, buy your voucher

  1. Go to the page to buy an exam (ensure you plan to take the exam within 6 months; vouchers expire)
  2. Scroll down to the box for “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Technology Exams”. Click “view details” to confirm your exam is still in the list
  3. Click “Add to cart”. It shows up as “Oracle Technology Exam Subscription” (it’s not a subscription though. You still get one attempt
  4. Sign in/pay

Sign up

Per Augusto Moro

After the payment was approved I received an email with order confirmation sent by Oracle with some instructions about how to activate the license key. 
The email contains a link to a page called Oracle Exam Attempt Administration Tool, [img]where I got an activation link to choose and schedule the exam. 
After the exam was beem scheduled, I received a schedule confirmation email with a link to manage my exam schedule and some instructions about the exam day. 

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  1. So I activated my account through the link. The English version is not available on PearsonVUE so I can register only through Oracle. They only provide the exam through online proctor.

  2. Hi! Can the exam still be taken in person at a PearsonVUE center or can it be taken only from home office now? I could not find any documentation about where to actually take the exam…


  3. Hi, where do I get the link to activate and schedule the exam on my Oracle Exam Attempt Administration Tool, i don’t see it

  4. For anyone who is confused by new Oracle system:
    – I ordered “Oracle Technology Exam Subscription” and received email with “In approximately 1-2 business days, you’ll receive an email with the subject line “Your Oracle University Order Has Been Received.””
    – Instead I received “Your Oracle University Order XXX Has Been Confirmed”
    – at the bottom you will find “Activation Information” with “Exam Attempts Administration Tool” hyperlink.
    – go there and assign exam attempt to your email and submit
    – wait few minutes and check My Exam Purchases page on “” page

  5. Hello,

    after i purchesed exam attempt i recieved confirmation e-mail.
    When i go to administrators page i have one order listed that is not assigned.

    I dont know how to assigne order to me?

  6. Hi,

    I am interested in the experience of the check-in on the day of the exam.
    After exam registration I got email with the confirmation.
    I clicked the сheck-in button in this reminder email at exacltly my exam check-in time- half an hour prior to my exam start time.
    Then I was forwarded to mylearn oracle portal.
    I successfully logged in and then I was redirected to the page without any ‘Log into your exam’ button.
    I made many unsuccessful attempts until the registration time expired.
    Can anyone share their experience ?

    Thank you,

  7. hello
    after i purchesed exam attempt i recieved confirmation e-mail when i click the hyperlink to exam attempts administration tool i get “To access your orders and assign exam attempts, your Oracle SSO login must match the email ID that you used to purchase the exam attempts. Note: Exam attempt order details will take 24 to 48 hours to reflect in the tool.”

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