[devnexus 2022] the new excitement about the good old java

Speaker: Venkat Subramanium

Twitter: @venkat_s

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  • Java is a passport to the world – spoke at 50 user groups in hoor of turnig 50
  • Celebrated Paris JUG’s anniversary in Eifflel Tower
  • Ukrainian flag slide


  • good to say that, now talk about what do
  • Hates word – Scrum-master – Agile Manifesto does’t say SM
  • Love ceremony and rituals
  • Easy to hide from what really do
  • Also hates word velocity – sustainable and producing results is what matter
  • TDD – ticket driven development
  • Agile is really feedack driven development
  • Cost of failure low if train leaves every 30 minutes vs plannig a flight


  • Java now evololving faster
  • Java 8 was game changer because of streams
  • “Java late to party but came with amazing desserts”
  • Releases used to be slow because targeted features to releases. Not agile. Want to adapt plan to reality
  • ”When will project loom be ready?” ”When it is ready”
  • Java is not being developed on a 6 month release cycle. It is being released on a 6 month cycle
  • People ask questions about feature while still remember writing it
  • Can learn and adopt technologies as they come out vs all at once
  • Less ceremony/redundancy

Live coding

  • pattern matching with if – smart casting
  • switch expression
  • pattern matching with switch including conditions
  • multi-line string with smart indentation (incidental whitespace
  • sealed interface – use but don’t implement

My take

I don’t think I learned anything new, but Venkat is an entertaining and engaging speaker, so that’s fine! Good coverage of the new Java features in live coding

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