virtual scavenger hunt

Today at work, my team did a virtual scavenger hunt. I got the idea online, but I don’t remember where. What we did

Make the list

I had everyone post in the group chat one item to find. (I did this rather than making the list so I could play too!). We had:

  • a toy
  • toilet paper
  • a can of food
  • hand sanitizer
  • lysol
  • winnie the pooh
  • a book with exactly 8 words in the title
  • chocolate

Find items

Everyone then went off and got items. IT was fun int he video conference as people walked by with their stuff.

Show and tell

I then said each item and we held up what we had for that item. I combined hand sanitizer/lysol into one item. We chatted about some items. It was fun

In conclusion

Today I had a work task to find toilet paper. How many people can say that?

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