[2020 devnexus] mothering a dev team

Speaker: Valarie Regas @ValarieRegas

For more, see table of contents

Wardley Maps

  • For more: https://medium.com/@swardley
  • Map/graphic inspires more confidence than strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats matrix or list of steps
  • Customer is anchor point – your gol is your users
  • ex: Y axis is value chain visibility
  • ex: X axis is evolution. goes from genesis (ex: in house custom solutions) to commodity (stuff can outsource0
  • Links between nodes are dependencies


  • Must have only one anchor point
  • Everything shouldn’t link to everything else
  • Need midtier examples – something between “hello world” and enterprise software
  • Disney trip example! ex: fastpasses, pack, dining. (time bound events). Y axis dates and X axis is person doing
  • Chore chart leading to donuts. X axis is people again. Used pictures for four year old.
  • Work project with y axis as time needed to do. X axis is status (planning to completed)
  • All show movement from beginning to end, shows components clearly and shows how to get from one to another

Other axis ides

  • Cost
  • Complexity
  • # people needed

Other notes

  • There is software as well. Can make whiteboard version or electronic one.
  • Can use for sprint planning.
  • Valarie creates the maps independenly

My take

I hadn’t heard of Wardley Maps. Interesting idea. I *love* the Disney example. I have planned a trip to Disney World. What a project. Also, loved the how to make PB&J sandwich reference. I enjoyed that when I was a kid. I like there was a lot of Q&A. (I noted this last year too)

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