[2020 devnexus] afternoon keynotes

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Decoding the weather – Kait Parker


  • IBM owns the weather company and app
  • IBM GRAF –  Global High-Resolution Atmospheric Forecasting System 
  • Weather is big business – lost productivity, spikes in sales, inciting new innovation, damage impact
  • Can lost half a billion dollars in a single snowstorm in Boston
  • Whereas a city like Atlanta shuts down for snow
  • Naual disasters increasing – both climate change and not building smart
  • Weather is data
  • Weather company has largest collection of weather data in the world
  • APIs for current data and forecasts
  • US had good technology for weather. Whole world does not.
  • GRAF – more precise, faster refresh, uses 400 GPUs on 90 IBM servers
  • Future: add sensors on planes
  • #CallForCode – international challenge for developers to mitigate impact of natural disasters
  • Project Owl won in 2018. For addressing communication when cell phone towers go down. Creates mesh network based on wifi to gather info of who needs help. Smallest nodes are duck links. They are linked to mama duck. A drone connects to papa duck which connects to first responders.
  • Team Promoteo won in 2019. Monitors first responders. Wear a device. Tracks current conditions and trends.
  • 2020 competition starts February 26

Dehuman Future – Ixchel Ruis

  • EM-DATE – international disaster database

(I had to leave before this one ended as I’m on the podcast the starts after the keynotes. Too bad. Ixchel is a great speaker)

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