[2020 dev nexus] keynote – dueling banjos

Burr Sutter (RedHat) and Ray Tsang (Google)

Freddy and Nancy played guitar/banjo to start

For more, see table of contents

Live demos

  • Ray
    • demo Kubernettes on Google Cloud
    • spring boot
    • jib-maven-plugin (use container registry instead of dockerfile)
  • Burr
    • demo OpenShift (Kubernettes implementation) running on Amazon, Azure and Google
    • quarkus
    • graalvm
  • deployed each other’s containers into the other one’s cluster
  • showed traffic redirection between cloud providers fronted both with a load balancer
  • audience load balancer – Can play at kubejava.com during the demo. Stopped it from the back end; good way to get everyone to pay attention again
  • move between clouds. took amazon instance down. showed auto failover to one of the others when unpaused

My take

Fun start to the day. We had music (banjos), a golden switch, a game and a high energy cloud presentation. Well, Or maybe it was two presentations concurrently.. 

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